Intellectual Property and Patents

Given the potentially short period of earning opportunity and the increasingly complex nature of the international technology, entertainment, media and sports industries, it is essential that IP and Patent solutions are tailored to maximize the earnings potential and to ensure accumulated wealth is maintained for future requirements.

Ireland provides a tax efficient and streamlined solution for the registration and thereafter protection of IP and Patents throughout Europe as follows:

  • Under the Irish Patents Act 1992, patents can be registered with the Irish Patents Office or with the European Patents Office, with the applicant electing Ireland as the designated jurisdiction.
  • Trade Marks are regulated in Ireland by the Trade Marks Act 1996 and party to the Community Trade Mark Systems.
  • Tax relief available reducing the effective rate of corporate tax.
  • Research and Development tax credit available, subject to certain conditions.
  • Research and Development financial support/ grants.
  • Exemption from stamp duty in Ireland in relation to the transfer of intellectual property.

 Please contact either of the following members of our team with any Intellectual Property and Patents enquiries:

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